We invite you to participate in the international conference on “Imaging, vision and learning based on optimization and PDEs”. It has become an established paradigm to formulate problems within image processing and computer vision as the solution of a partial differential equation (PDE), a variational problem or a finite dimensional optimization problem. This compact, yet expressive framework makes it possible to incorporate a range of desired properties of the solutions and to design algorithms based on well-founded mathematical theory. An increasing amount of research has also approached more general problems within data analysis and machine learning based on such a perspective, and demonstrated the advantages over earlier, more established algorithms.
This conference aims to bring together experts on image processing, computer vision or machine learning based on optimization or PDEs. Topics of presentation are devoted to design and analysis of mathematical models, design and analysis of computational algorithms and applications of such models and algorithms to specific problems in medicine or industry.

The conference proceedings will be published in Springer’s well known book series Lecture Notes in Computer Science .


The conference will be held at  Norway, May 2016.

Conference Chair:

Xue-Cheng Tai (University of Bergen, Norway)

Organizers: fdhfghfghdfghdfh